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At Southern Exposure, we are a top-notch and professional wall tile and backsplash installation, repair, and replacement company that aims to provide you with the best installation services for your commercial and residential space. 
We have been serving our clients for a long time, and as a leading company, we offer high-quality backsplash installation services with experience you can trust!
We specialize in installing every type of wall and backsplash tile for your property in southwest Florida. Our installation services include ceramic, porcelain, and marble. 
A customized backsplash is an excellent way to enhance your kitchen or home’s elegance and appearance without spending on remodeling. 
Your backsplash not only adds to the aesthetic of your kitchen but also protects your walls from damage from grime, water, and other hazardous substances.

Let’s be honest..

Super-effective and professional wall tile and Backsplash installation is always a suitable choice as long as specific instructions adhere to guarantee robustness and lifespan.

Wall Tiles and Backsplash Options

We have a vast collection of wall tiles and backsplash options to choose from and make your space more compliant and elegant. Also, we do the installation. Here are a few of them.

Glass Tile

By reflecting light across space, glass tiles, like marble, can be a more cost-effective alternative to make a place feel bigger and brighter. Glass tiles have a highly appealing way of highlighting the colors underneath the glass, creating an often-enthralling appearance and feel.

Ceramic Tile

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are the most popular demand for backsplash and Wall tile installation in Florida. Ceramic tiles are highly durable, water and scratch-proof, low maintenance, and easy to clean.


Consumers frequently use stone as their preferred wall tile or backsplash accent to create a welcoming and warm look and feel. Stone has a wonderfully ageless appearance and is very heat-resistant and durable.


Marble has a polished organic sheen that reflects light and makes spaces appear more prominent. Marble is a classy material but is also long-lasting and straightforward to maintain. 

Our Wall Tile & Backsplash Installation Process

Our prime aim at Southern Exposure is to give you an exceptional customer experience. 

Once you have finished purchasing all your preferred materials, if not purchasing with us we will get your installation done in a timely manner.

If you’re seeking the best wall tile and Backsplash installation in Southwest Florida, the experts at Southern Exposure are happy to assist you! 

Our entire process gets completed in three easy steps:

Step 1. Prepare the Area

We guarantee that your wall or floor is prepared for installing your new materials. Although we must ensure that your walls are level and smooth, we will clean and prepare them. We notify you of your choices before moving forward with your project if we are unable to make it level or smooth to prevent any unanticipated resource or labour costs.

Step 2. Installation process

Once our professional artisans prepare the area effectively and then start installing the tiles with extra care and perfection. Every step, from the cuts and spacing to the positioning and lay-down of the materials, is performed with extreme care when having experts like Southern Exposure install your wall and backsplash tiles. To ensure durability and enduring beauty, each stage must be perfected.

Step 3. Clean Up

At last, the crew will clean up the wastage themselves, leaving your home just as it was when they arrived. You can count on our backsplash and wall tile installers to respect both your home and you. You can rely on us for professional tile installation services and top-notch customer service.

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