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Express your style with Roller Shades...

Roller shades are modern window treatments designed with a solid fabric. It rolls up or down as per choice and allows you to control the amount of light coming in.

 At the same time, roller shades offer privacy. These shades neatly roll up on the top of your windows. Roller blinds also known as roller shades are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors. 

If you want to add a subtle touch of style to your home, add roller shades.

Let’s face it....

Sometimes we need a more “Cost Effective” option. Roller Shades are sleek and modern-styled quality products at a price point lower than some of the other high-end options.

Benefits Of Roller & Solar Shades

Choosing the best window covering for your home is important… You have to live with your choose for a while so make sure that the window covering you’re choosing will be a neutral enough design that you’ll still like in the years to come!

Manage Sunlight Easily

Depending on the position of your home, there can be too much sunlight in certain sections in some places. With roller shades, you can easily manage sunlight. Roller shades allow you to position them in a certain way to block the light. There are many manufacturers that design roller shades with quality fabrics. These help to control the UV rays, glare, or penetration of the sunlight. A quality roller shade will allow you to take care of these issues. The most popular fabrics are light filtering, sheer, room darkening, and blackout blinds. Light filtering shades allow some light into your home so it’s not pitch black but also blocks out all the glares and most UV rays. Sheer roller shades allow you to keep your view but do not provide much privacy. These are for people that would like something to block the sun a bit but don’t want to lose their view under any circumstances! The next option is a blackout. Room darkening is used for those that would like to remove all the lighting or most of it. Room darkening is good for those that struggle with sleeping in due to sunlight you request the darkest option possible to your design specialist we can make suggestions such as adding side channels to your windows to achieve the darkest option possible!


Compared to traditional blinds or other shades, roller blinds are more durable. This is because they are usually designed using durable solid fabrics like steel tubes. In addition, they also comprise high-quality operating systems that work efficiently. They do not have as many moving parts as other window covering options which adds much more time to their life. Once installed, they can function for years together without any issues. Also, the sunlight does not cause damage to the components the way it would to verticals or horizontal blinds. Thus, these are durable and last for many years at once.

Aesthetically Attractive 


No one can deny roller shades look beautiful! Roller shades are aesthetically appealing items that add style to your homes. They revamp the look of windows and add an elegant look to every space. Not to forget, roller shades work perfectly well with modern interiors. The best part of roller shades is that they are available in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles. Thus, they are suitable for every space from your home to your office. Install elegant roller shades to enhance the look of your abode.



Roller Shades In Your Home

Today, a popular choice for window treatments is roller shades. Almost every other home has roller shades or blinds that enhance the beauty of spaces. They are an affordable way to make your home attractive irrespective of its size. Not only that, roller shades accentuate the look of your bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens too. 

With a classy and sleek look, roller shades are the optimal choice for many homeowners. If you are considering installing roller shades be sure to get the know the many options!

More Benefits of Roller Shades

Easy to Clean

Having blinds in your home makes them prone to pet hair and dust. Every section of a standard blind is difficult to clean and finally you end up buying new ones. However, with roller shades, the cleaning is very simple. It is simple upkeep and doesn’t collect dust, unlike the traditional blinds. Furthermore, the design of these roller shades makes them easier to maintain. If you have a vinyl roller shade the best method to clean them is by dusting them then wiping them down with mild soapy water. Ensure that you leave your shades down after this so they will dry. When trying out any new chemical to clean your window treatments it is always best to spot-clean them first to ensure there is no reaction. The best way to clean fabric shades is to dust them. You may lightly use your vacuum brush tool for the best results. If your fabric is stained badly or has other others reach out to Southern Exposure and we may be able to suggest a different option based on your product.​

Motorization & Home Intergration Options

Motorized Options With standard blinds, the options are pretty limited. For example, if you want to roll it up, you need to do it manually. But with roller shades, there are motorized options for ease of comfort. These shades can easily be controlled using a remote control. So, you can change the settings while laying on the couch or in your bed. These are also very handy when you have high windows. Besides, these motorized roller shades are quite popular among seniors as they don’t have to use the pull method on their shades. A huge benefit of motorized is it allows you to put a large shade in areas like your slider and they are easily moved as large shades can sometimes be more difficult to open and close.

Great Option for Regular & Sliding Glass Doors

Roller Shades are a wonderful option for sliding glass doors as they assist in blocking out all the harmful UV Rays. They are also more cost-effective to cover large areas VS other window coverings.

Sliding Panel Track Systems

Our sliding panel track systems are great for many purposes! Not only is it an affordable way to cover your slider it also comes with quite the looks! 

This modern system can go on sliders and can also be used as a room divider! There are limitless colors, fabrics, and styles to choose from.


Hey there, you DIY’ER you! 
(Do It Yourself’ER)
Southern Exposure is pleased to offer custom friction-fit shades! These are available in roller or cellular shades and come in corded, cordless, and feather touch options. (*corded option unavailable with a fabric valance). Southern Exposure can provide you with the resources to easily install these shades anywhere in the USA.  
 These shades can be installed in a matter of minutes. Our manufacturer pre-installs everything beforehand to ensure everything is ready for a speedy and hassle-free installation. If you are interested in seeing some of the design options for this product please click on the link below. If you see something you like please send us an EMAIL with the model and color information, the size of your windows, and your FINAL measurements and we will get a quote together for you immediately!


 At Southern Exposure, we offer In-Home Consultations. Our design specialist come to you, measure and assist you with picking out the best designs for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Southern Exposure today!

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