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Zebra Blinds

Important Things You Need To Know

Before Purchasing
Zebra Blinds

Are you considering purchasing zebra blinds for your home?  They sure are beautiful and modern looking, aren’t they?

What Are Zebra Blinds 

(Double Roller Shades)?

Zebra blinds/ Zebra Shades are window coverings that offer an alternative to traditional horizontal blinds and roller shades. They feature alternating stripes of sheer and opaque fabric, allowing you to control your room’s light and privacy

The sheer stripes let in natural light, while the opaque stripes provide privacy. You can adjust the stripes to create different lighting and privacy levels, allowing you to easily transition your space from day to night.

Let’s be honest..

The right window treatment can add style, privacy, and energy efficiency to any room.

Whether looking for a modern or traditional look, zebra blinds have many advantages.

Benefits of Installing Zebra Blinds or Layered Shades

Light Control

Zebra blinds control the amount of light, and the sheer stripes offer light filtering, glare reduction, and UV protection. The blinds let light through when overlapping opaque stripes, providing your space with the required brightness.


Zebra blinds offer light filtering and privacy. The opacity of the sheer stripes will give you control over the amount of visibility you want from outside your window, making them perfect for anyone who needs extra privacy in their home or office.


Seven days a week, our friendly advisors are available by appointment via email, phone, or in person. We strive to make the purchase and installation of your cabinet a stress-free, and enjoyable experience.


Zebra blinds come in various colors, textures, and patterns. It allows you to find the perfect fit for your style and décor. For something subtle or bold, zebra blinds offer endless customization options.

Easy Installation

The installation of zebra blinds is simple. You will need a screwdriver, drill gun, level, or tape to measure. With just a few tools, you can easily install your zebra blinds and enjoy their benefits.

Key Factors to Consider When Looking for the PERFECT Zebra Shade :

Maintenance Requirements

Zebra blinds require maintenance to keep them in good condition. They should be regularly dusted and vacuumed and, depending on the material, may need to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. If you choose a motorized option, you must also ensure you have the correct batteries and know how to replace them.

Choose the Right Style

You can choose a side chain or motorized style with zebra blinds. Side chain styles are manually operated and feature a pull cord that opens and closes the blinds. Motorized styles are operated with remote control, making them easier to use but more expensive.

Light & Privacy Control

Zebra blinds offer the convenience of controlling light and privacy in one window treatment. With the alternating stripes, you can adjust the opacity level of the room by simply opening and closing the blinds. It is excellent to control the light and privacy in the home.

Variety of Colors & Materials

Since zebra blinds are from a variety of materials and fabrics, there are many color and design options available for you to choose from. You will find something that fits your decor, from traditional wooden tones to modern, bright colors.


Zebra blinds can range in price depending on the type of material, size, and design complexity. Zebra blinds are more expensive than other types of window treatments. Before purchasing, compare prices between brands and retailers to ensure you get the best deal.

See them in action!


 Zebra blinds are an excellent option to add a touch of style to their home. They offer a unique look that instantly gives a space an inviting atmosphere while providing the necessary protection from UV rays and insulation. However, it’s essential to consider all the factors mentioned before purchasing. By researching and evaluating your space’s needs, you can choose the perfect zebra blinds that will last years.

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