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Plantation Shutters

Superior Shutter Quality

Every nook and cranny of your shutter is hand-made locally.

Southern Exposure will always recommend that you choose wood every single time unless your shutter is located in a shower or an extremely high moisture area.

Many people are often worried about the wood warping or sagging as we are located in Florida and we tend to have very humid weather. Unless you are leaving your home without air in the summer months this should not be a concern. I often like to point out to our customers how much wood they have in their homes. Your baseboard is wood. Your doors are wood. Your casing is wood. Your cabinets are wood. The list goes on. Wood is used as it is a quality material.

Wood shutters also can be repaired on a scale plastic can never. With almost 30 years behind our manufacturers and a lifetime guarantee on all our wood products, we continue to be impressed by the quality of our wood.

Your plantation shutters are hand-crafted in a local factory located in Downtown Ft. Myers.

The Shutter Factory..

This company has been in business going on 30 years. The shutters are constructed from high quality plastic, Poplar or Basswood. Every shutter is customized to fit your specific windows. Building quality shutters is a very tedious process that takes time. Our typical lead time with our plantation shutters is about 8-12 weeks from deposit to installation. The shutters are made, sanded, painted and built all in the same factory.

Plantation Shutter Warranty

We offer paint options from Sherwin Williams as well as custom stains to perfectly match the design you already have in your home. The vinyl products do not offer the same options as they don’t react to paint as well. You are limited with your options when choosing vinyl products.

All vinyl shutters are backed with a 10 Year Warranty.
We stand behind our jobs - every wood shutter purchase comes with a LIFE-TIME warranty.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

1. Beat The Heat!

Southern Exposure has done many tests to see how effective plantation shutters are at blocking out the heat! We are pleased to tell you that on average there is about a 16-18 degree difference when you have shutters up v.s no wit

2. Real Property

Real property is defined as any equipment permanently attached or fixed to the property. In real estate, real property is one of the most important, and most lucrative, items bought and sold in the United States. Real property is TAX FREE. Plantation shutters are also the ONLY window treatments that do not lose value and will always increase the value of your home or business. Plus they add the most elegant look to your home!


Plantation shutters are the most luxurious looking treatments. They are also the most durable and easiest to clean.
The curb appeal from the front of your home is always phenomenal. Due to the shutters being fixed property built into your home, it is an amazing and affordable way to add a more clean and elegant look to your house without all the remodeling work. Make an investment in your home!

Plantation Shutters are the only window coverings that will hold their full value over the course of their life as they are considered real property. These are always considered an investment for your home! Ask about our different shutter options and manufacturers!

Our Proof Shutters Make A Difference..

Plantation Shutter Options

We offer our plantation shutters in various colors, styles, and materials. 

Let’s have a look at our shutter options.

Shutter Styles
  • Full Height – One of the most popular among our plantation shutters is our full height shutters which can cover the entire window. The key highlight of this shutter is that it can be divided into 2 with a mid-rail that facilitates the top louvres to be operated autonomously and thus adds an elegant style.
  • Cafe Style – It is suitable in conditions where you require some privacy, but natural light is still a requirement. This shutter style covers only a portion of the window, ground floor windows can benefit from this style of shutter.
  • Sliding Glass Door Shutters – These shutters are used on sliding glass doors. Depending on your space, they may operate as a bi-pass system or a bi-fold. This depends on the amount of space and the style of the opening.

We’re proud to show off our work

See some of our completed shutter work below!

One of our biggest pet peeves is contractors that DO NOT clean up after themselves!

We fully understand how hard you work to keep your home clean.
Southern Exposure will not leave you our mess to clean up!

How to Care for your Plantation Shutters

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