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Patio Shade Installation Services In SWFL

Southern Exposure is here to help you beat the heat in your SWFL home or place of business. We can provide you with high-quality (or lower quality depending on your budget…) patio shades. We use Insolroll for all of our quality shade projects.

Modernize your Outdoor Space while beating the glare and the heat with the best Patio Shades Installation services in Southwest Florida from Southern Exposure!

Advantages of Installing a Patio Shade

Patio Shades can be crucial if you live in SWFL and the sun hits just right on your patio in the morning or evening time. At times, it can be unbearable to sit on your porch! With our high-quality patio shades, you can turn your patio into a comfortable hangout area. Solar Shades Block UV rays from damaging your furniture, yourself, and areas of your patio. 

And let’s be real…We’re in SWFL… The sun gets HOT! 

These shades are designed to block the blaring sunshine in order to make lounging outside much more leisurable.  

Control Heat & Glare

One major benefit of these shades is the amount of heat and glare they will control. As humans we naturally crave to be out in nature. Here at Southern Exposure we believe it is important to wind down at the end of your day with some fresh air and just a bit of sunshine. Our patio shades are designed to offer you many options as to how much light you would like to allow in.

Motorization Options & Design

Motorization options are available to make your shades more convenient.

 Southern Exposure offers exceptional Patio shades design and installation that transforms your dream vision into reality. 

Our Patio Shade contractors specialize in delivering quality and secure products 100% of the time! Our accuracy and excellent customer service make us different from our competitors. 

Shades in Action!

Durable to the Core

Retractable Insect Screens

Retractable Insect Screens may be very useful in our environment

Our patio shades are not intended to be used when experiencing windy conditions. We recommend putting them in an upright position if experiencing harsh weather.

Southern Exposure offers shades that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Choose from a wide variety of styles. We also provide FREE in-home consultations to our clients. Contact us today and book your free consultation for custom window shades.

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