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Motorization & Smart Home Integration

A Little Motorization Could Be Extremely Convenient ...

We offer several types of motorization options and smart home integration. The different motorized options offer lithium – ion rechargeable batteries, solar panels, and hardware. These can be run off multi-channel remotes, which allows you to store your favorite settings. You may also connect to your phone via Bluetooth allowing you to adjust your shades simply by using just one app as well as home integration to your home voice control systems. Motorized shades are very convenient for sliders, tall windows, and other areas of your home. 

They are also wonderful in other hard-to-reach places as well as in your bedroom.

Let’s be honest..

Remodeling your home can be a stressful and expensive job! We are here to ensure that it gets done correctly the first time with no added stress!


Point-to-point control of your existing blinds, and shades, in a smart app, no gateway and no network required, only a mobile device is required.
You may set the schedule and timer of your blinds independently.
Powered by a solar panel of light sensor or charger(adaptor is included) ensures long-time continuous working with the large battery capacity.
Compatible with a variety of shades, blinds, curtains, and drapes with the new update manual.

Powertouch Rechargeable Motorization

PowerTouch Rechargeable Motorized Shades just press a button to raise or lower at a lower cost than other motorization options. This gives you the ability to have a wonderful and convenient feature at a low cost for you!

– Oh and by the way, they are child safe with no hazardous cords!

Somfy Lithium-Ion Motorized Shade Battery 

Somfy is another one of our many manufacturers. This battery is designed to offer you the same experience as hardwired shades – for the most part. As we’re all aware it can be very expensive to pre-electric hardwire your windows for shades. With this battery pack, you’re able to get a ton of life out of one single charge! 

Many clients have reported that it takes about 9- 18 months till they need to recharge their batteries. How much you use your shade is also a factor you must consider when gauging how long you will get in-between charges. When your motor is ready for a charge it will let you know by beeping at you.  

If your home or office gets an adequate amount of sun look into solar panels,

you’ll never have to plug in a thing!

We have many options for motorization but one that is becoming more popular is simplicity. Simplicity allows you to operate your shades via your smartphone app. These shades provide you with upgraded modern design and technology that will leave you feeling as if you’re in the future. In addition to their quality, they are also very quiet. This is something many people admire due to potentially noisy motors.

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