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How to Choose the Right Grout Size for Your Tile: A Brief Overview

How to Choose the Right Grout Size for Your Tile: A Brief Overview

When designing a space, we often lose focus on the little details and get distracted by the grand details such as…. flooring, backsplash, or furniture. 

As a result, we usually neglect a critical component of any home: Grout. 

While Grout may not appear to be a spectacular material since it is one of the most adjustable components of a makeover.  

It is crucial to pay attention to this small detail to achieve the look of your dreams! 

Grout is available in numerous materials, colors, and, more importantly, sizes that serve different functions for different styles of flooring installation.

If you are the one who is about to start renovating your dream project but you have NO CLUE about the right Grout choice, you’re at the right spot! Southern Exposure is here to educate you on how to choose the right grout size for your tile and bring confidence to your design decisions. 

What is Grout?

The term ‘Grout’ is a mixture of Cement, Sand, and water used to fill the gaps. The primary use of Grout most homeowners are accustomed to is filling in your tile projects. 

Grout is used as a filler in tiling after the tiles have been set. It keeps dirt out of the crevices and extends the longevity of the installation. Grout is an amalgam of powdered cement, lime, sand, and various colored pigments mixed with water. 

When searching for flooring installation services, educate yourself on the entire process!

What Are The Different Types Of Grout?

Different Types of Grouts

There are six different types of Grouts available in the market:

Grout is also available in millions of colors! When choosing the best color for your home, consider practicality as well as design. If your home is heavily trafficked and you don’t have time for all the upkeep, choosing a darker color can save you some time and money, as stains don’t show up as frequently. 

Grout Lines

What are Grout Lines?

Grout line sizes vary depending on the type of product used and the look you are trying to accomplish. 

In many cases, your flooring installer will be able to guide you in the best direction for your project.

  • 3/16″
  • 3/8″ (This grout size applies to industry standards.)
  • 1/8″ (This is used with a corrected, clean-cut border.)
  • 1/16″ (This is best suited for glass tile.)

What is Unsanded VS Sanded Grout?

sanded vs unsanded grout

 Sanded VS Unsanded Grout

 Several factors, such as location and material types, must be considered when deciding whether to use Sanded or unsanded grout. 

Sanded Grout means it has been sanded. This is recommended in many situations, as it will make your completed product much more durable. 

Unsanded Grout means it is unsanded. It is exceptionally sticky! It is best to use it on a vertical surface or when your material is very fragile. 

A Couple Of Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Grout For Your Project...

ceramic tiles in bathroom

TIP 1 – Consider The Costs

When completing a project, it is essential to always have a budget in mind. Costs may increase depending on the material and difficulty of the installation, such as patterns, location, etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective route, you may want to look into a basic design with ceramic tiles and standard grout lines. If your budget is not an option, many unique designs and styles are available in any type of material.

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 Tip 2- The Variations in Sizes & Styles & Colors

All our tiles come in various colors, sizes, and thicknesses, from tile to tile. There are a limitless amount of tile options to choose from.

Regarding tile thickness, our ceramic products, porcelain, and glass tiles are all superior in their ways. Always consider where the tile will be located when choosing tile sizes and variations. 

If your flooring installation is located in a high-traffic area, always choose a more durable option that will allow smaller grout lines.

How Can Southern Exposure Help?
tile installation in swfl

If you are looking for the perfect grout size for tiles, color, texture, or material for your dream project, then you have arrived at the appropriate location! We’re also pretty good artists too… 

So let’s talk design!

We offer free consultations for the best-in-class home renovation and tile installation services for any residential or commercial property.

Our professionals will have the knowledge and expertise to deliver 100% satisfactory results. 

Servicing all of SWFL – Give us a call at (239) 560-2062  to discuss your Southwest Florida project today!

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