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Crown Moulding

What is Crown Moulding?

“Crown Molding is a form of cornice made from decorative molding installed on the top (visible side) of an interior wall.

Crown molding’s function is mostly cosmetic, and the types of styles vary widely. You may also add lighting to the crown for extra ambiance. Crown molding has been an admired architectural detail that adds depth, texture, and elegance to a room from Ancient Egypt to 14th-century France.

** Crown Moulding is guaranteed to add value to your property & is real property.**

When choosing crown molding, you must use proper design skills to ensure it looks proportioned. You have to account for the size of your home, how tall your ceilings are, your baseboards, how much design they currently have, and more! Leave that part up to our trusty and experienced Southern Exposure design team! We proudly provide Crown Molding services to homeowners in SWFL.

Crown Molding is considered real property, making it an asset to your home. Many homeowners love the look of crown molding, which is a unique upgrade.

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We service Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, Alva, Labelle & Punta Gorda. In addition to crown moulding we offer many other finish carpentry services such as baseboard, doors, door casing, cabinets and more!

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