What are the best window coverings for sliding glass doors
March 13, 2021
This shade has a very low opacity. They may of chose this to keep the glare out but did not want to loose the veiw of their beautiful back yard.


Best Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

Roller Shades (Motorized or Standard)

Roller Shades are one of my favorite applications for sliders. They have a large variety of fabric options when it comes to style and functionality. They come in many different different opacities ( The opacity of the roller shade is how much you can see out/in.) Everyone has a different need for their shades. Some want privacy, some would like to keep heat out, some would like to cut glare but keep their view others may want to ensure a pitch black room when sleeping. When choosing your window covering it is always important to share with us what your main purposes are for this shade so we can ensure you’re satisficed with your selection.

This shade has about a 5-10% opacity.
This is a light filtering shade. This allows light to come in but you have decent privacy as well.
This is a blackout shade. As you can see this is FULL privacy. This is great for people that are sensitive to light when sleeping.
Sliding Panel Track System

The sliding panel track system is a style of roller shades for sliding glass doors . Some people do not prefer the “up and down method” of typical roller shades. This option allows you to open side to side while allowing you to keep the option of having many fabrics to choose from. This system can be motorized as well as non-motorized and although it is typically used for a sliding glass door application you may also use on windows throughout your home. This is one of the many best window coverings for sliding glass doors.

Platation Shutters

Plantation shutters come in a couple different ways to fit your space. The most popular is bi-pass. Plantation shutters are made of Poplar wood and they come with a life-time warranty. These shutters are very durable and hold their value for a long time as long as they are taken care of properly. Many that already have shutters throughout their home will choose to put the shutters on their slider as it makes everything look uniform. Shutters offer a very elegant feel to your home. You can visit our plantation shutter blog posting to learn more about plantation shutters.

Bi-Pass Shutter System
Vertical Sheer Shades
Vertical sheer shade with vanes in open position.

Vertical sheer shades are very graceful. These are very fragile and must be kept clean as they can stain and deform very easily if they are not taken care of. I would not recommend this in a home with young children or dogs that go in and out of the slider area. When the vanes are in the open position you are able to see out. These as well have different options to choose from. When the vanes are closed you will not be able to see out at all. Please understand that what you can see out others will be able to see the same from the outside when the lights are reversed.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are typically one of the most cost effective options for a slider. People will typically choose this application for rental units or when on a tight budget. We will sell you these blinds but do not normally recommend them for anyone. There are so many moving parts with these, it is hard to keep them in perfect condition. The vanes will sometimes fall off and break. There is also a bunch of plastic pieces that keep them up and they wear over time from sun damage. This is inevitable. I recommended these are not used in very high traffic areas or around kids as I am sure we’ve all had experiences with these vanes falling down.

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