Tips on how to clean window coverings
July 12, 2022

Tips on how to clean your window coverings.

Windows and doors can be cleaned on a regular basis and does not take much time but when it comes to cleaning your blinds, shades, shutters or other window coverings then it suddenly becomes a hectic task. I am sure that you’re asking yourself many things as you don’t want to ruin your beautiful investment…. What do I use? Will this stain? How do I remove stains? In this article, we have added a few tips on how to clean your window coverings. 


Blinds, shades & curtains give a unique touch to any house or office but it is also true that lots of dust and grime makes them dull especially if you have pets or kids inside home.

Even if the windows are kept closed most of the time there are many other factors which make them dirty. It may look like a mammoth task to clean them but not to worry as here we would tell you about the easy ways to clean them without any hassle.

Whether you have aluminum blinds, wood or faux wood blinds, curtains, roller shades, solar shades, plantation shutters, or cellular shades we can assist you with cleaning your window coverings. Window coverings are used to keep the room cool or maintain privacy, but these are also a great way to give a different touch to your home or office space.

When our window coverings get dirty they begin to feel more like a nuisance to have up! Everything requires occasional cleaning and your window coverings can be cleaned right at home without hiring any professional cleaning service.

Things Required Cleaning Blinds At Home

To clean any blind or shutter at home, there are some important things which need to be ensured like gathering of microfiber cloth, soft brush, warm water, baking soda, vacuum cleaner, multipurpose cleaner and sponge.

Easy Ways To Clean Blinds With Plastic Or Metal Material

Plastic blinds are simple and require less effort for cleaning as these are not much sensitive to water or cleaning agents.

Step 1: First of all it needs to be ensured that the blinds are closed so that each slat can be reached for cleaning.

Step 2: Then use a Swiffer duster which can be extended to dust blinds. Swiffer duster has the capability to absorb dust.

Step 3: A microfiber cloth can also be used to dust blinds in case Swiffer duster is not available.

Step 4: After dusting the blind next step is to mix dish soap in warm water then use a sponge to apply on the blind slat from upward direction to downwards.

Step 5: Keep repeating this step even on the other side of the slat because the grim and dust.

Step 6: Also reach the backside which also needs to be cleaned at the same time otherwise it will remain dirty from the backside.

How To Remove Hard Stains From Blinds? If the blinds are very dirty or greasy especially the kitchen blinds then this need to be removed gently. Step 1: Soak them in a mixture of dish soap and warm water for a few minutes then clean them with a dry cloth or microfiber cloth. Step 2: Furthermore, if the blinds still have some stains or dirt then use a multi-purpose cleaner which will eventually remove all the dirt. Step 3: Once the above steps are completed it’s time to wipe them and let them dry for about one hour. ** This is not recommended for all materials. Please contact us for more information before exposing your product to this much water. When To Clean Blinds? Blinds can be cleaned monthly but it all depends on how dirty these have become. Hence, there is no specific rule for cleaning them. These can also be cleaned twice a month. The more frequently you dust the better off your window coverings are.
How To Find If It Is A Wood Blind? Unlike plastic blinds and shutters, wood blinds are more delicate and require more care. Many times PVC blinds are made in such a way so that they look like a real wood. You may take your blind to a professional if you are unsure of the material used. You may also reach out to the company that sold it to you. You should be positive whether the blinds are made of real wood or not. (Are they plastic and just looks like a wood.) If it is found that the wood blind is made of PVC then the above steps can be used to clean them but you must always do so with caution and test a small spot before doing the entire blind. Generally, the wood blinds are lighter and have some grain pattern on them and tend to become light in color with the moisture. Once it is confirmed that it is a wood blind follow the below steps.
Best Way To Clean Wood Blinds Step 1: Close wood blinds follow the above steps by using dish wash soap along with warm water from top to bottom. It is important that you do this carefully and lightly to ensure you DO NOT get too much liquid on your wood. Step 2: One thing that needs to be taken care in case of wood blind is that these cannot be dipped in water. Step 3: Use small amount of dish wash soap or a gentle soap. If you do not these may get damaged! Moreover, a multi-purpose cleaner can be used for hard stains. You must also do a test sample on a small area before using all over.
How To Clean Fabric Blinds & Shades Step 1: To clean fabric blinds a vacuum cleaner should be used to remove such the dust then use a microfiber cloth or any other clean cloth. Step 2: Once the vacuum is done a cloth needs to be dipped in dish soap with lukewarm water then cleaned from the upward to downward direction. Step 3: This process needs to be done from both sides. In case vacuum is not available then lower the shades and use a soft brush to remove the dust then use the cloth. Step 4: However, if there are still some dark stains on the fabric then these need to be dipped in dish soap mixed in warm water for up to one hour. After completing these steps, dry them for up to 2 to 3 hours. (Always test a small spot to ensure no adverse reactions before doing the entire product.)

How To Clean Plantation Shutters

Step 1: Use a feather duster and remove all the dust from the shutters.

Step 2: Wipe down with damp cloth and water. You may mix in SMALL amount of mild soap if needed, but just a drop!!

Step 3: Take a dry cloth or rag and dry the window shutters.

When To Clean Fabric Blinds? It would be better if the fabric blinds are cleaned twice a month to avoid dark stains or dust, especially those blinds which are being used in kitchens or bathrooms. It depends where the shades are located to decide if they require regular cleaning. If dusting is done on a regular basis then there won’t be a need to spend much time in cleaning.

***A special attention needs to be paid while choosing the dish soap. Make sure that a mild soap is used to avoid damage to the blind material and color. ***


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