Sometimes you want to relax and be secluded from the world just by staying at your home— with minimum light passing into your room. You want to stay calmer and away from distractions. Custom blackout shades are handy for interiors to provide maximum privacy. What is the difference between room darkening and blackout shades?

What Are Custom Blackout Shades?

Custom blackout shades are made for those that need complete darkness when sleeping. This means you can have peaceful sleep any time of the day. Custom blackout blinds are usually made out of thick materials that have other benefits such as noise reduction, extra insulation, instant privacy, and maximum light blockage. For hardcore sleepers, it is something like a boon. However, they are ideal for a child’s bedroom too.

Benefits of custom blackout shades

  • Custom blackout Shades are all the way efficient for blocking outdoor light, allowing you to have calm sleep.
  • Not only that, it makes your home more energy-efficient for summer and winter.
  • It is effective for lessening light pollution. It can protect your furniture against UV rays.
  • They are ideal for interiors that require minimal light such as conference rooms, offices, and boardrooms.
  • Applying custom blackout shades is really cost-effective just because it cuts energy costs at a large. This is the reason why facility managers and commercial building owners prefer it.

Room darkening VS. Custom blackout shades: Which is better for you?

Many consumers do not understand the difference between room darkening and custom blackout shades— what is better for them? Let’s simplify.

What are room darkening shades?

Room darkening shades usually block 95-99 percent of light. In contrast, shades that block less than 95% of light are called light filtering. Room darkening shades are ideal for those that are sensitive to light but don’t need 100% pitch black when sleeping.

Difference between blackout shades and custom blackout shades

Blackout shades usually block all light entering a room. On the other hand, custom blackout shades have the flexibility of adjusting the light entering the room.

Custom blackout shades

You can make rooms completely dark or can adjust the light as per convenience. Blackout shades are usually tight fit within the window casing by using side channels. This leaves zero space between the shade window casings.

Custom blackout shades are suitable for:

  • Bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Movie room
  • Home studio (e.g photographer and video editor)

Room darkening shades

Room darkening shades prevent most light from entering a room. Inevitably, they won’t make your room pitch-black, but make it very dark.

You have the flexibility to use it in bedrooms and nurseries. But before that, you must ask yourself the amount of darkness you prefer in the room. Room darkening shades are typically preferred by photographers who want maximum darkness in their room.