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Plantation Shutters For Long Windows

Over the past few years the sales of plantation shutters are shooting through the roof. Why is everyone suddenly so interested in buying these classic shutters for their homes or their business places? The answer is simple, these shutters are the only window covering that hold their value over time and are considered real property. They provide good shade and keep your room ventilated even in the scorching summer heat. These plantation shutters can be used in doors, closets, windows, long windows, short windows, and other places such as cafes, restaurants, and shops. These shutters are mostly used in hotter countries, but western countries are also resorting to these shutters because generally, they are giving their house an upgraded look.

Types of plantation shutters for Long Windows

There are different types of plantation shutters all over the world. But generally, plantation shutters are made of different materials. Based on these material types, there are two major types of plantation shutters. These are; vinyl or composite plantation shutters and wooden plantation shutters.

Vinyl plantation shutters

These popular shutters are cost-effective and weather resistant. Also, these are available in different shapes and sizes. Most of these are conventionally white, but they can be customized from selected stores. These are durable because they come with aluminium and PVC support. Now, these plantation shutters also have subtypes and those are as follows.

Hollow shutters

As the name suggests these shutters are basically, hollow vinyl. And they are very lightweight compared to other vinyl shutters. They are cheap and weather defiant.

Structured hollow shutters

These are an upgrade of the conventional hollow shutters. These are not very light but they provide better support because of their integral structure.

Aluminium vinyl solid shutters

These vinyl shutters are solid and they are heavy compared to other vinyl shutters. And they are made of aluminium, which provides years of support through any weather condition.

Wooden vinyl-clad shutters

These shutters are known because of their high strength and moisture resistance. They come with a solid vinyl body, and it is always covered with wood pieces.

Wooden plantation shutters

These shutters are perfect for long windows as they give them a classic wooden look when closed or opened. These are completely made with poplar or basswood. These are lighter than vinyl-based shutters. But many people think these weather-resistant wooden shutters are heavier than vinyl. Which is not true.

Composite plantation window shutters

As for our last shutter type, we are going to talk about composite plantation shutters, these shutters are generally made with PVC and vinyl, and other substances. Then there are covered with a wooden coating. Composite shutters are also known as engineered shutters because of their high levels of weather resistance due to different coatings. These shutters are also extremely sturdy but they may be a bit costly, due to the different materials coating used



No matter where you are from, the plantation shutters trend is not going away soon. Getting a plantation for long windows is not only cheap. But also, these bring out a classic traditional look to your room. These shutters provide privacy and safety from any outside influences. Also, they are sturdy and weather resistant. So you don’t have to worry about your shutters next time it snows or it rains.

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