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what type of window coverings are the best?

Lets talk about your options…

Are you looking for new Window Treatments but unsure what will look best in your home or office?

If you have not shopped around for treatments, you may be unaware of all the different window-covering options available. This can cause you to become overwhelmed when trying to decide what to purchase.

We would love to give you the 411 on ALL the different styles and their price ranges. Join us below for an informational piece on everything we have to offer!


Horizontal Blinds Window Treatments


Window Treatments

Horizontal blinds come in many different colors. These blinds are used when covering smaller, narrower, and taller windows, and they are one of the most essential systems as there are few components. They are used when looking for one of the most cost-effective treatments. Faux wood is typically made from PVC or Polymer. This will be your most cost-effective, elegant option without going to cheap plastic. They will be about 15-25% less than real wood. If it is within your budget, real hardwood is a better bang for your buck and will always look more appealing! There is no comparison between faux wood and real wood, as real wood will hold its strength and pure natural beauty due to wood being a better product quality. These treatments are ideal for rental properties as they are the most cost-effective to replace for first-time home buyers and an excellent option for those on a fixed income.


Vertical Blinds Window Treatments


Window Treatments

Vertical blinds are used for windows and doors with larger openings. The choices of materials are vinyl, faux wood, wood, fabric, and sheer. Vertical blinds are most commonly used for sliders. One benefit of these treatments is they are relatively easy to clean. The most common problem that occurs with these blinds is that they can become fragile and wear over time. Vertical blinds have many components, which can cause them to fall and break in high-traffic areas. When they become older, the mechanisms will likely break because, over time, they become frail from exposure to the sun. One benefit of these treatments is you may replace single panels at an affordable rate, and you can often do it yourself.


Roller Shades Window Treatments


roller shades Window Treatments

Roller shades can really put a room together by adding colors and design to your home or office. They are the simplest of treatments and the easiest to clean. There are several options when it comes to the operation of the roller shades. The most basic operation is manual. This will allow you to open and close with a cord you pull like blinds. The most common and convenient is motorized. Motorized roller shades will enable you to open and close your shades with just a straightforward click of a button on your remote. Here at Southern Exposure, we also offer home integration. Home integration allows you to control your shades from your phone while you are away, as well as Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and other popular home integration applications. These shades hold up well over time and are pretty simple to maintain.


Plantation Shutters



Plantation Shutters are considered our favorite window coverings here at Southern Exposure. The owners worked in a family-owned factory, constructing them for many years before venturing out on their own. After spending so many years constructing these high-quality shutters, we believe they are the only window treatments that hold their value forever! They have the most elegant look and can completely change the feel of your entire house. They are a wonderful long-term investment in your home. Plantation shutters are considered real property, so these treatments are TAX-FREE. We offer them in plastic and wood. The wood grade is always highly recommended as it comes with a LIFE-TIME warranty, and wood is always a better product. You may choose different colors for your shutters and stains to match the style you currently have in your home. You may also pick from different louver sizes (how big the slots are). We carry 2 1/2; 3 1/2; 4 1/2. The most common louver size is 3 1/2. We base our recommendation on louver size on a few factors, such as how big your home is, the ceiling size, and how much light you would like to let in when they are open. We carry three different molding sizes to match your home’s current style.


Honeycomb/Cellular Shades



Cellular shade window coverings are used to block heat from entering your home or office space. The cellular shades work by holding trapped air inside the treatment and creating a barrier between the window surface and the room. These shades can be constructed as a single, double, or triple cell shade. As your shade thickness increases, the window treatments’ R-value will increase. Cellular shades are made from soft paper or cloth-like materials. (Typically, spun lace and bonded polyester are used to make these specific window treatments.) There are several types of operations, but cordless is safest when you have small children in your home. Cellular shades come in different light filtering options and blackouts, depending on how much you want to enter your home. The downfalls to these window treatments are that they are challenging to clean, they show their age over time, and due to the way they are challenging to construct, they may be more expensive than the options I’ve listed above! If you don’t have good UV-resistant windows, you will likely see cord issues after about three years.


Sheer Shades


sheer shades Window Treatments

Sheer shades give you the light control of a blind while offering you the elegance of a shade. They allow you to let light in or completely block the light out when desired. The slats with these shades are called vanes. You may choose from 2″, 3″ and 4″ vanes. This decision depends on how much light you want to enter the room when they are open. Sheer shades have many color options, making it easy to match your decor. There are a few different options for how you would like to operate these treatments, such as top-down- bottom-up, cordless, and motorized. They may also be paired with Alexa or Google Home devices. These shades are the second most expensive treatments on the market.


Roman Shades Window Treatments



Roman shades are the most expensive of all window treatments. Why is this you ask? This is because there are so many steps to create them, and if you make one wrong move, you must restart from the beginning. They use eight different tools to create these shades and have more components than any other shades. An enormous amount of errors can be made when constructing these shades or repairing them, which brings costs up due to manufacturing being so time consuming. If you love the look of a Roman shade but it is not within your budget, you may choose a faux Roman shade to cut costs. These shades come in so many different styles, colors, and designs. Roman shades can be motorized or non-motorized, and they also have home integration options.

Horizontal blinds are ideal for smaller, narrower, and taller windows. They come in various colors and materials and are a cost-effective option. Faux wood is popular because it is elegant yet affordable, while real hardwood provides durability and natural beauty.
Vertical blinds are suitable for larger window and door openings, such as sliders. They come in vinyl, faux wood, wood, fabric, and sheer materials. Despite their versatility, they may become fragile over time, especially in high-traffic areas. We do not recommend ever purchasing vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are being phased out, and Southern Exposure and many other blind and shade companies no longer offer this product. There are many different options for your sliders. Call us today to learn more about roller shades for sliding glass doors!

Roller shades add color and design to your space while being easy to clean and maintain. They offer manual or motorized operation, with options for home integration, providing convenience and flexibility. Roller shades also offer a modern and sleek look to your space.

Plantation shutters are highly regarded for their elegance and durability. Available in composite or wood, they offer a timeless appeal and are considered a long-term investment. Wood shutters come with a lifetime warranty and are tax-free as real property. They also are the easiest to repair and offer the most customizable options
Cellular shades block heat by trapping air between the window surface and the room, offering insulation. They come in single, double, or triple-cell options, with different light filtering choices. While effective, they may be more challenging to clean and maintain.
Sheer shades combine the light control of blinds with the elegance of shades. They come with vanes of varying sizes and offer options like top-down-bottom-up, cordless, or motorized operation, with compatibility for home integration.
Roman shades involve complex construction processes, numerous components, and potential errors. They come in various styles, colors, and designs, offering motorized and non-motorized options and home integration capabilities.
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