Whether you have a traditional or rustic home, a barn door goes perfectly well with every setting. Some of the trending barn door designs are glass, paneled or flush. The best part about barn doors is that they are available in a variety of materials, finishes, and plank styles. The overwhelming amount of choices may seem confusing, but hold on. Here is this super easy guide to make things easy for you. Deciding to install a barn door? Let’s first discuss the various styles of barn doors.  

  1. Rustic Pantry Doors 

Do you need to add a bit of style to your kitchen? Then you need these rustic glass barn doors pantry doors. This lovely detail is the best way to incorporate a modern look into this space. If you would like to keep the pantry covered, but loose the typical look of using an average door. This additional touch of décor will come off as elegant yet subtle.  

  1. Partition Barn Doors 

These barn doors are ideal if you have a large room and wish to separate them into two. Or you can choose to isolate a smaller section while keeping the larger section. Partition barn doors offer you much-needed privacy. In addition, it also gives you loft space to hang essentials if this fits in your floor plan.  

  1. Single Sliding Glass Barn Doors

If your home is on the smaller side, then consider installing a single sliding barn door. You can choose to cover up a closet or a guest bathroom with a single door. As discussed above, there are several materials and finishes of doors that you can choose. Consider a wooden sliding door for a modern space. This can totally transform the look of your room. I love doing this in master bathrooms as well. It opens up the room and adds so much style!  

Things to Remember Before Installing Barn Doors 

Now that we know the different types of barn doors, let’s look at some important factors before installing.  

  1. Installation Spot 

The first thing you should know is the placement of the barn door. Decide where you want to install the barn door. Will you be adding it for style or added functionality? These doors are perfect for rooms that have no space for swinging doors but you must have the room on your wall to hold the door when it is open. You can use it for your office space, pantry, kitchen area, bathrooms or even study.  

  1. Number of Doors 

The second thing that you need to know is how many doors you will need for the area. Will you need a single barn door or double doors? The most common ones are single sliding barn doors. This is because double barn doors usually require extra space. Make sure you take the correct measurements for the same.  

  1. Installation Type 

When installing barn doors you need to ensure you have adequate space. The sliding track doors need rollers that will help them slide from the open to closed position. You MUST HAVE enough room on your wall to have doors sit on wall when opened.


Barn doors are an affordable way to enhance the look of bathrooms, offices or any living space. When designing a barn door you may consult with our experts, draw up your own idea, or surf the web on sites like Pinterest. We can typically build it all! In this article, we have discussed the different types of barn doors. In addition, we have listed a few factors that you must consider before installation. We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know what type of barn doors you are going to choose! And if you are looking for a trusted contractor for installing barn doors in your area then contact Southern Exposure today!