8 Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Treatments
July 19, 2022

When you think about renovations, you think about paints, décor, furniture or plants. But we often tend to overlook blinds and shades. When was the last time you had a look at your blinds? If your blinds are old, it’s about time you take a close look at them. The maximum shelf life of blinds is usually 7-8 years (Unless you purchase a high quality option like plantation shutters). After this period, they tend to wear and tear. 

Here are 8 Signs You Need To Replace Your Window Treatments:

1. Your Blinds Are Impossible to Raise

If your blinds are difficult to open and close, then it’s time to update them. If this sounds like your case, it means that the lifting mechanism is damaged. Else, it might be on the brink of breaking. In addition, the blinds may be too wide for the space making it unable to support the load.

    • Discoloured or Yellowed Slats

    Almost all blinds undergo a color change after constant exposure to the sun. But, today you can many new materials that offer UV protection. If your blinds are too discolored, then it is a sign of damage. Discoloration of the blinds signifies material deterioration. Thus, it means you seriously need to start looking for new blinds.

    • Frayed Cords

    If the cords of your blinds are frayed, then you need to replace them as soon as possible. Frayed cords have two meanings. Either the internal mechanism has caused the damage to the cords. Or the blinds are very old that they are now giving up. If this sounds like your case, then the blinds are highly unstable.

    • Frayed Edges

    Similar to frayed cords, frayed edges of the shades too are a sign that you need a replacement. If the edges of the blinds are frayed, it can mean that they are too wide for that area. The constant scraping of the blinds is what damages it to that extent.

    • Blinds Don’t Close Tight Enough

    Blinds not only protect you from the sun but are also designed to offer you privacy. But, if your blinds don’t shut tight enough, there isn’t the privacy you need. So, it’s time to get home a new blind.

    • Installation of New Windows

    If you are getting new windows for your home, consider getting new blinds too. You wouldn’t want the blinds to look old with your brand-new windows. What better chance to install new blinds or shades?

    • Risk to Children

    Did you know that loose cords can be risky around young children? They may play with the cords and accidentally strangulate themselves. Thus, if your blinds seem risky around kids, it’s time to replace them. There is cordless cellular shades or cordless roller shades ideal for homes with kids.

    • Need A Change?

    We all need a change at times, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s the paint, other times it’s new artefacts or new décor. So, why not try changing your blinds to give your home an incredible makeover? They are affordable, and stylish yet attractive as well.


    If your blinds fall into any of these categories, we recommend giving them a makeover. Today, there are custom blind options as well that are designed to fit your specific needs. So, what are you waiting for? Give your home an easy transformation with new blinds or shades!

    Call Southern Exposure today at (239) 560 – 2062 and set up a free consultation!

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