Barn Doors

Are you looking to add character to your laundry room? How about a closet door? Barn Doors are just your ticket!

 Barn doors are a stylish, fun and affordable way to

change the atmosphere in your room.

You may be intrigued to see this design works perfectly for anyone who enjoys the “rustic” or “farm-style” look. We love when our customers share ideas they’d like to recreate. Our customers often send up photos they’ve come across browsing on Pinterest. We would love to give you a quote on completing the custom project of your dreams.


All of our barn doors are custom made in the same local factory that makes all of our plantation shutters. The quality of our doors are to the highest standards as they are custom hand built out of solid wood. We only use the most reliable materials on our doors.

These specific doors have very many uses besides just being very stylish. A few of the benefits are as followed:

One great use is they allow more space in your home.

Next, the doors are compact and do not open and close like a typical door. The track system allows the door to be pocketed right up against a wall when it is open.

Finally this style of door allows for you to customize in may ways. One example, glass may be added to doors to provide more lighting. There are several different options when it comes to glass, but the most popular are frosted glass (this allows to keep the privacy but still lets light come into the room) or regular glass panels.

You can choose exactly how you want it, down to every last panel and style.



There are several types of barn door options available, as you can see some of the most popular below. We can build up anything you’re dreaming as long as the idea is functional, not just aesthetic.

We service Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Alva, Labelle, Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Punta Gorda and Babcock Ranch.